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              Superior Quality - Stainless Steel Digesters

     Fully functional in 25 countries, climate zones & cultures

                We offer you a complete working project -                          CAPACITY 300kW - 25MW

                              CHP Container Set Up

              Fully Automated Substrate Pump Station

No hassles, so you can get on with your core business of 'Farming'

            In-house design & manufacture

1 Employee for 2 hours per day                                                                 1 Recipe input                                                                                        6 Outputs:

  • Electricity
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Quality Fertiliser
  • Bio-water 
  • Gas

  • Farming Industry: Manure, Surry, Cattle, Sheep, Pig, Chicken, Alpacca
  • Milking/Cheese Industry:Byproducts from processing can be fermented
  • Meat/Seafood Industry: Beef slurry, butchers, petfood, shelfish waste
  • Landscaping/Garden Waste: Lawn cuttings, silage, greenwaste
  • Growers/Orchards: Maize, corn, olive, fruit & vege, kiwifruit, cereals
  • Hospitality Industry: Cooking Oils, food leftovers, food processing
  • Councils: Effluent systems, greenwaste & silage 

Talk to the experts, an opportunity to:

  • Ask all the questions
  • Discover a self-sufficient, closed loop solution
  • Discuss different recipe inputs/ farm setups & technical details
  • See the future of sustainable farming